Assemblyman Santabarbara Statement on $10 Billion Investment in Nanotechnology

“The groundbreaking $10 billion investment by chipset companies like IBM and Micron in collaboration with New York State for a cutting-edge semiconductor research facility at the Albany NanoTech Complex of my alma mater, University at Albany, is a big win for the Capital Region. This facility, managed by NY Creates, holds immense potential to position New York as a research hub under the "Chips Act," aligning with the state's commitment to advancing domestic chip research and development. The creation of 700 jobs and attracting at least $9 billion in private investment further underscores the positive impact on New York's economic landscape. I recognize the strategic importance of prioritizing domestic chip manufacturing and research, aligning with federal efforts to secure technological leadership and address geopolitical concerns. This initiative aligns with global trends, emphasizing the critical role of chips in military applications and advanced artificial intelligence systems. I look forward to the growth and innovation this semiconductor research facility will bring to the state and the broader tech landscape.”