Santabarbara Statement about Glenville Bridge Collision

“I am deeply concerned about the recent incident on Maple Avenue in Glenville, emphasizing the urgent need for action to prevent such accidents. The collision, resulting in a significant explosion and injury, underscores the hazards posed by low bridges in our communities.

This incident also reinforces the importance of the bill I cosponsored, now signed into law, which mandates the Department of Transportation to report bridge collision information. The law aims to address the alarming number of accidents, provide data for innovative solutions, and enhance safety features near bridges. (A.7016a) Tractor-trailer collisions with low bridges have become a pressing issue, causing damage, disruptions, and endangering lives. The Glenridge Road bridge alone has been struck close to 100 times, with 22 incidents in 2021 and 12 in 2022.

Awareness of bridge heights remains a critical factor, and this new legislation will equip us with essential data to understand, prevent, and address these collisions.”