Joint Statement by Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, Gary Hughes, Chair of the County Legislature and Neil Golub, Chairman of the Board of miSci

"We convened another meeting today of our miSci Task Force,” stated Assemblyman Santabarbara. "I am pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to keep the museum in Schenectady at its current location. The museum holds immense significance in our community, serving as a beacon of education, innovation, and cultural enrichment. I believe its presence in Schenectady is integral to our city's identity and vitality. My sincere thanks to Schenectady County and miSci for their dedication and partnership throughout this process. Together, we have forged a solid pathway forward, ensuring the continued preservation and advancement of this invaluable institution. We are all looking forward to further progress and continued collaboration in the days ahead."

Schenectady County Legislature Chair Gary Hughes said, “The County has agreed to fund a building condition report by an independent engineering firm to determine how to extend the life of the current museum building for another 50 years while safeguarding its collection. We also secured the museum’s promise to sign a community benefits agreement that will guarantee that the museum will stay in Schenectady.”

“As Chairman of the Board of miSci, I am delighted that Assemblyman Santabarbara and County Chairman Gary Hughes brought a Schenectady group together to help solve miSci's long standing support needs. Being in a suitable facility is critical to the museum’s long-term survival and service to the community, particularly our children,” said Neil Golub. “Much thanks to our legislators for standing up and doing the right thing.”