Santabarbara Calls for Property Protections in New York State Budget

With the budget process facing delays, Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara stresses the need to include the property protections in this year's New York State budget.

The Property Protection Act, drafted by Santabarbara, seeks to address the pressing issue of property owners facing challenges from squatters unlawfully occupying their properties. The legislation aims to provide legal clarity and support for property owners across New York State. It defines key terms such as "Property Owner," "Squatter," and "Tenant," ensuring that property owners understand their rights and responsibilities. Importantly, the Act clarifies that a squatter is not considered a tenant under the law, making it easier for property owners to differentiate between lawful tenants and unlawful occupants. Furthermore, the Property Protection Act criminalizes squatting on property without permission, establishing clear consequences for those who engage in this unlawful behavior. By deeming squatting as a criminal offense and providing law enforcement authorities with the necessary tools to address the issue promptly, the Act also aims to deter individuals from unlawfully occupying properties and safeguard property owners' rights.

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara emphasizes the importance of including the Property Protection Act in the New York State budget: "This legislation is important to protecting property owners from the challenges posed by squatters. By providing legal clarity and establishing consequences for unlawful occupancy, the Property Protection Act promotes fairness and justice for property owners across our state. We must address the issue of squatting and protect property rights without further delay. As budget discussions continue, Assemblyman Santabarbara urges fellow lawmakers to prioritize the inclusion of the Property Protection Act to ensure the protection of property rights and public safety.