Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara Secures $10 Million in State Budget for Schenectady’s miSci

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara announced a significant milestone for ongoing revitalization efforts at Schenectady's Museum of Innovation and Science (miSci) with the successful inclusion of a $10 million allocation in the state budget passed in the State Assembly today. This funding will address critical infrastructure needs and support revitalization initiatives planned for the museum.

"I’m excited to announce this monumental achievement for miSci and our community," said Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara. "As a civil engineer, I understand the importance of maintaining structures to ensure their safety and longevity. That is why I fought tirelessly to secure $10 million in funding to address structural damage at miSci, safeguarding its future in Schenectady."

"Landmarks such as miSci should be cherished and preserved for future generations to enjoy. I am confident that this investment will not only preserve miSci's legacy but also contribute to the economic vitality of our region,” Assemblyman Santabarbara added. “This will propel miSci into an exciting new era of growth and innovation. Together, we're building a brighter future for Schenectady."

“Working together truly works, and we're seeing it firsthand,” said Gary Hughes, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature. “The County's funding for an engineering study, alongside Metroplex's support to update the planetarium, lays the groundwork for positive change. We’re grateful for our partnership with Assemblyman Santabarbara, whose efforts secured a $10 million allocation to address issues identified in the engineering report.”

Neil Golub, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for miSci, expressed profound gratitude for the support: "Thanks to Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara's game-changing funding, we've saved miSci after three years of tireless effort. He stepped up for miSci and his commitment has been the lifeline we desperately needed, and we're eternally grateful for his support."

Gina C. Gould, PhD, President of miSci, emphasized the significance of the investment: "This investment marks a pivotal moment for miSci's future. We are profoundly grateful to Assemblyman Santabarbara for recognizing and acting upon the significance of miSci to the Capital Region community. With his support, miSci is poised to continue serving our community for another 90 years. Thank you!"

This funding underscores Assemblyman Santabarbara's ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life and fostering economic growth in Schenectady and the wider Capital Region.