Job Search for Veterans
February 21, 2013

Having served in the Army Reserves, I know that service members learn a unique set of skills while serving in our nationís military. While many of these skills are desirable to businesses, there are still high rates of unemployment among veterans, especially those recently discharged from active duty.

The Veterans Job Bank is provided as part of the National Resource Directory, a comprehensive website providing information on resources at the state, local and national level for veterans and active duty service members.

The Job Bank was created to provide a place where both employers and veterans could list and find employment opportunities. Employers are provided with lists of qualified veterans who want to work and veterans can download job listings in specific areas using tags or key words.

If you are an employer and would like to provide job information through this job bank, you can access The Job Bank widget right from this website and be a part of this comprehensive service.

As a veteran and member of the New York State Assembly Committee on Veterans Affairs, I urge businesses and veterans to use this tool to match special skill sets to employment opportunities in our local communities.