Protecting Propane Customers

For those that heat their home with propane, in most cases, the supplier owns all of the equipment including the tanks and regulators and simply leases them to the homeowners; however, they are the only supplier permitted to re-fill the tanks. Buying your own propane tanks and equipment can be quite expensive but it allows customers to choose from multiple suppliers and the ability to change as frequently as they'd like for each delivery. While leasing propane tanks from a supplier is often cost effective, it leaves consumers at the mercy of their propane supplier, even when they fail to deliver and are left without heat.

This winter has already brought about dangerously low and even record-breaking low temperatures. As your Assemblyman, I will not stand by while delayed and missed deliveries of heating propane hurt residents and families, especially in rural areas like ours. It is simply unacceptable for families to be left without heat and unable to receive propane deliveries. With the cold temperatures expected to continue, we must do all we can to ensure no one is left behind.

This year, my office started receiving messages and calls for help as delivery dates were missed and people had not heard from their propane suppliers. Since then, the messages have continued and the calls for help have increased as more homeowners are running out of propane and have no heat.

Since then I authored new legislation giving homeowners leasing propane tanks more options to help them keep their heat on when a supplier fails to deliver during urgent times of need. The bill will allow homeowners leasing tanks the ability to choose from multiple suppliers for emergency deliveries to keep their heat on during the periods of high demand we are currently experiencing. The measure was passed in the state Assembly and is now on its way to the state Senate.

How can you help? ADD YOUR VOICE in support of this legislation or REPORT A PROBLEM by completing the form below then SHARE THE LINK with family, friends, and neighbors that heat their home with propane. I also encourage you to call the Attorney General's Office at 518-776-2000 to REPORT ANY PROBLEMS WITH YOUR PROPANE SUPPLIER or file a complaint online at

Questions? Need assistance? I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. Simply call my office at 518-382-2941 or send me an email at I'm happy to help! With temperatures at dangerously cold levels, I'm fighting to make sure families have more options to keep their heat on!

Local residents are speaking out

"Dear Assemblyman Santabarbara, SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE ACTION, We are ages 91 and 80. Our gas supply now is less than 10%! We ordered refill on 12/26 when we were about 30%. Delivery was assured by 1/2/18. NO DELIVERY. Spent two days trying to reach them. Finally success after holding on line long time. They said we would get gas but no commitment when. Still no gas and no communication from them whatsoever. ACTION NEEDED, NOW! NO HEATING PROPANE DELIVERY FOR WEEKS!"

"Hello Mr. Santabarbara, I just wanted to tell you that my mom is one of those people who have not received propane and is now out. She is 78 yrs. old and is still working on the family dairy farm ... we are out of propane and the kitchen with all the pipes is freezing."

"My bf and I are on automatic delivery... and just ran out of propane. When we call the emergency line, we are put on hold and no one ever picks up. Currently running our electric fireplace to keep warm."

"I am stuck in this situation [with no propane] and have been on zero for three days ..."

"My Mom ran out of propane this morning. Her aide couldn't take care of my Mom because there was no heat. My Mom has Alzheimer's and doesn't like to leave her house. I had to bring her to my house. It's 6:30pm and they still haven't arrived after they promised to deliver today. First it was early morning, then mid morning, now it's sometime tonight."