Assemblymembers Santabarbara and Steck Oppose Proposal to Create a Schenectady Charter School

“We strongly oppose putting state funding toward a charter school in the City of Schenectady. Schenectady has the most diverse School Board in the history of the City. We have confidence that the School Board will ensure a fair and equitable education for all students so that Schenectady will once again be a leader among all public schools in the nation, as it was years ago.”

“Charter schools have not been proven to improve educational outcomes, divert resources from our tried-and-true public schools, which Schenectady can ill afford, and distract attention from the mission of a fair and equitable public education. Our focus should be on improving our existing school district and ensuring it has the resources necessary to provide a safe learning environment where every student has the opportunity to succeed.”

“It is unfair to our School Board and the students striving for success in public school to place the additional burden of a charter school upon them. Charter schools are an idea that did not pan out. As legislators, we will continue to focus on delivering for our public schools, not on unnecessary diversions.”