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State lawmakers consider five-borough residency rule for new NYPD officers

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COVID-19 takes a heavy toll in Queens neighborhood of Corona

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Pandemia: Latinos in Crisis

New York official says her majority-Latino district was "left alone" to fight the coronavirus pandemic

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The Bronx and Queens Are Crying Out for Help

Assemblymember Catalina Cruz discusses demonstrations, curfew, overpolicing and the effort to repeal 50a

Queens Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Small Businesses Shuttered By Pandemic

Análisis en Nueva York demuestra mayor impacto del covid-19 en hispanos y negros

Queens concentra el mayor número de casos y muertes por coronavirus en todo el país

NBC News: Husband And Wife Teachers Help Queens Food Pantry

Asambleísta extiende una mano de ayuda a los indocumentados afectados por la crisis

Proponen ley en NY para ayudar a indocumentados a enterrar a sus muertos por coronavirus

Univision: Legisladores de NY proponen ley que permitiría a indocumentados solicitar auxilio fúnebre

New Yorkers Cremating Loved Ones Have Trouble Getting Funeral Aid