Gas Prices On The Rise Again; What This Means For New Yorkers Going Forward.

A Column by Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C,I- East Aurora)

The onset of the Biden Administration has led to many setbacks for New Yorkers, one of the most startling of these being an increase in gas prices. Even with the administration tapping into our federal oil reserve, gas prices have managed to hit a record high as of this month.

On May 16th, AAA reported that average gas prices in New York had hit $4.48 a gallon. This record high inflation is embarrassing to say the least. With every day bringing new record breaking gas prices, it's hard to imagine an end in sight. Millions of New Yorkers are struggling to afford gas to go to work to pay their bills and take care of their families. All New Yorkers, from Long Island to the Canadian border are suffering from this atrocious inflation.

 It’s clear what this means for New Yorkers going forward, gas prices will not be hitting a plateau anytime soon. Here are three tips to save a few bucks at the pump; One, fill up at Costo, Sam's Club or Shoprite. These three convenience stores offer discounted gas prices as well as promotions in conjunction with certain purchases made within their store. Two, sign up for gas loyalty programs. Many gas stations such as Sunoco, 7-Eleven, and Speedway offer free loyalty programs that can save an individual money just by pumping gas at their gas station. Three, to improve your fuel efficiency, the AAA suggests that by making sure your tires are properly inflated, keeping the AC off when you can, and traveling light can effectively help you maintain a good fuel efficiency and in the long run use less gas.

On the legislative level, the recently passed 2022/2023 budget includes language to temporarily suspend state gas taxes starting June 1 and ending on Dec 31. This tax break will bring much needed relief to many New Yorkers.

New York is in turmoil, however we will push through these hard times and come out strong like New Yorkers have always done. I will continue to advocate for the needs of my fellow New Yorkers and bring this state back to its former glory