Lupardo Sponsors Legislation Protecting Our Families from Sexual Predators

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-Endwell) is sponsoring civil confinement legislation that will safeguard our children by keeping sexual predators off our streets.

"This legislation gives prosecutors in law enforcement a new tool to keep the most dangerous sexual predators away from our families," Lupardo said. "Due to their violent nature, it is essential that additional steps are taken to make sure that these extremely dangerous sexual predators are not allowed to repeat their crimes."

Under the legislation Assemblywoman Lupardo sponsored:

  • a notice of release must be given to the district attorney three months prior to the offender’s discharge; and
  • offenders determined to be sexually violent are required to be evaluated by a psychiatric examiner and transferred to a secure facility so they are not released back into the general public (A.490).

She is also calling for public hearings on the subject, in order to give the mental health community and others a chance to express their views.

"Protecting our families is the most important part of my job in the Assembly," Lupardo said. "Passage of this legislation is a top priority for me and I welcome the Assembly minority’s efforts." Lupardo noted that she also voted to allow a civil confinement bill sponsored by Assemblyman Charles Nesbitt, the Assembly Minority Leader, out of the Mental Health Committee (A.2693).

In addition, Lupardo is working to further strengthen Megan’s Law by sponsoring bills in the Assembly’s package which:

  • mandate offenders that have been determined to be "high-risk," have committed certain high-level crimes or multiple sex crimes to be registered for life (A.8369); and
  • expand sex offender internet posting, requiring criminal justice services to maintain a subdirectory of level two and three sex offenders (A8370).

"Authorizing lifetime registration for all sex offenders and expanding community notification is a step toward ensuring our families’ safety," Lupardo said. "We are strengthening legislation and cracking down on sexual predators, but we still have a lot of work to do."

The comprehensive Assembly package would also include bills which would:

  • require police officers to visit the residences of any sex offender subject to Megan’s Law who failed to file a required periodic verification form and obtain a signed form from the offender (A.7707); and
  • require sex offenders acquitted by reason of insanity to register under Megan’s Law after release from custody and in-patient treatment (A.966).

"I look forward to working in a bi-partisan manner with my colleagues to pass these important measures to protect our families," Lupardo said.