Assembly Passes Legislation to Combat Sexual Predators

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-Endwell) announced the Assembly passed legislation she sponsored which will better protect New York families from sexual predators. They are part of a larger package of bills the Assembly is considering.

"This legislation will help keep communities better informed about sexual predators and safeguard the innocent," Lupardo said. "It will also ensure law enforcement agencies have additional tools they need to keep these dangerous criminals away from our families."

Assemblywoman Lupardo sponsored legislation passed by the Assembly that will help identify sexual predators by mandating:

  • photos of sex offender registrants are included during registration (A.1159); and
  • aliases used by Level 2 and 3 offenders are disclosed to the public (A.2664).

Assemblywoman Lupardo also noted that she sponsored legislation the Assembly passed which requires members of the clergy to be added to the list of "mandated reporters" under the Social Services law and requires mandated reporters (teachers, health professionals and others) to report to police all instances of child abuse by any other mandated reporters (A.912-A).

"New York’s children and families depend on us to help shield them from sexual predators. The emotional and physical harm caused by such crimes warrants these tough new measures passed by the Assembly," Lupardo said. "I encourage the Senate and governor to work with us so that these important proposals become law."

Lupardo also noted that the Assembly will be holding hearings regarding the civil confinement of violent offenders.