Legislature’s Budget Makes the Right Choices for Children’s Future

Schools in the 126th Assembly District will receive $8.2 million more than last year

Assemblymember Donna Lupardo (D-Endwell) announced the Legislature’s bipartisan state budget invests in the children of New York with a record increase in education funding.

“The 2006-2007 education budget provides our students with the tools necessary to succeed,” Lupardo said. “By making investments to create smaller class sizes, expanding the universal pre-K program, and providing state dollars to modernize school facilities we are making the right choice for our children’s future.”

The Legislature’s plan includes an $8.2 million increase in education funding over last year for schools in the 126th Assembly District. Under the budget agreement:

  • Binghamton will receive an additional $2.7 million
  • Johnson City will receive an additional $512,910
  • Maine-Endwell will receive an additional $830,028
  • Union-Endicott will receive an additional $2.5 million
  • Vestal will receive an additional $1.5 million

To further meet the needs of our students, the Legislature’s budget includes a capital program, EXpanding our Children’s Education and Learning (EXCEL), that provides $2.6 billion in capital funding in addition to building aid. This includes $ 10.4 million for schools in the 126th Assembly District.

The Legislature also restored cuts to several worthwhile programs, providing increases over the governor’s budget of:

  • $19 million for Building Aid
  • $69 million for BOCES
  • $19 million for transportation
  • $148 million for special education
  • $26.7 million for Teacher Centers and $4 million for the Teacher Mentor Intern Program
  • $6 million for the Employment Preparation Education program

To make sure tax dollars make it to the classroom – and not the pockets of unscrupulous school administrators – the budget doubles the amount of money used to audit school systems, providing an extra $2.8 million over last year to root out fraud and corruption.

“This bipartisan budget ensures that schools in Broome County will have the resources they need to provide our children with a first rate education without placing the burden on our property taxpayers,” Lupardo said. “I urge the governor to make the right choice and join us in providing this much needed funding.”