Office of Speaker Heastie, Commissioner Moy, Assemblymember Lee, Senator Chu, Senator Liu, Legislators, AAPI Equity Budget Coalition Celebrate Historic $30 Million in Funding for AAPI Communities in SFY 2023-24 Budget

New York, NY -- Today, Assemblymember Grace Lee, the Office of Speaker Carl Heastie, OGS Commissioner Jeanette Moy, Senator Iwen Chu, and Senator John Liu, were joined by fellow legislators and members of the New York State Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Equity Budget Coalition (EBC) to celebrate the historic $30 million investment in the FY 2023-24 New York State Budget to support critical services for New York’s Asian American communities. This funding will go towards supporting more than 100 AAPI-led and-serving organizations across the state to provide critical resources needed to support the safety and wellness of AAPI communities and combat the rise of Anti-Asian hate.

Specifically, this hard-fought funding will go towards a funding plan that not only supports community-based organizations providing culturally responsive and linguistically competent services, but one that also addresses the systemic violence, racism, and discrimination faced by AAPI communities. This investment signals New York State’s commitment to protecting and supporting its AAPI community, and it is the result of a collaborative effort between the Governor, the legislature, and AAPI advocates.

The Assembly Majority is committed to providing support to AAPI New Yorkers and their communities that have faced an increase in hate and violence over recent years,” said Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. “The funding in our budget invests in programs that would ensure access to mental health care, and in community organizations that are doing hard work in our communities to combat discrimination and hate.”

“We are so grateful to Governor Hochul for her continued support of New York’s AAPI communities and for identifying the diversity of our population as a source of our state’s strength and resiliency,” said the Office of General Services Commissioner Jeanette Moy. “By making the largest investments in New York’s AAPI communities in our State’s history, the Governor and our partners in the State Senate and Assembly have given us one more reason to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month.”

“This funding marks the start of an important chapter for New York’s AAPI community,” said Assemblymember Grace Lee, Co-Chair of the New York Assembly’s Asian Pacific American (APA) Task Force. “For far too long, New York has failed to give us recognition and support, and our needs have gone unmet and underfunded. Standing here today, there is real reason to believe that we have reached a turning point. This year, we have the most AAPI legislators we have ever had in New York, and it has translated into real accomplishments for our community. $30 million in funding is a historic number, and it shows New York’s AAPI community that they are seen and their voices are heard. It will be used to build culturally-competent, language-accessible services that give AAPI communities support systems uniquely suited for their neighborhoods. This victory would not have been possible without the support of Governor Hochul, Speaker Heastie and Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins; the teamwork of my Asian Pacific American Task Force Co-Chair Assemblymember Zohran Mamdani and Senators Iwen Chu and John Liu; and the advocacy of the Equity Budget Coalition.”

“For too long, AAPI communities have been overlooked, underfunded, and underrepresented,” said NYS Senator Iwen Chu. “New York State is making the right progress with this historic-level funding of $30 Million. In the past few years, anti-Asian hate crimes skyrocketed nearly 400%. No community deserves to live in fear of hate and violence. There were seniors in my district afraid to take the subway and parents afraid to send their kids to school. The funding passed in the State budget will combat hate crimes and Anti-AAPI violence. Additionally, I am fighting alongside my AAPI State Legislators to pass s5963, which would implement AAPI curriculum for public schools. Let’s raise the awareness of AAPI history and culture at a young age and spread acceptance. This historic funding will build on the work organizations have done on the ground in communities to deliver adult literacy, youth education, senior programs, community development, and necessary social services. It is finally time New York State recognize the needs of the AAPI community and support long term prevention and solutions. It was an honor to lead and win this fight with my colleagues in the Senate and Assembly. I thank the Equity Budget Coalition and all advocates for their work to achieve this historical achievement. This is an important step, but our fight does not stop here. We must continue to work with AAPI leaders and organizations to adequately meet the needs of our communities.”

“This year’s historic investment in AAPI communities is a stark reminder of what is possible when our community is united in purpose, activism and advocacy,” said State Senator John Liu. “AAPI communities have long faced systemic discrimination and challenges that were made considerably worse by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent scapegoating by fear mongers like former President Trump who fueled anti-Asian hatred with terms like ‘Kung Flu’ and ‘China Virus.’ Our community-based organizations handled that fallout fearlessly with characteristic integrity, but were stretched thin by limited resources. This investment seeks to bolster programming and services across the board for hundreds of community-based organizations, but it is important to remember that this is only the start. As the fastest growing population in the nation, we must commit to sustained support and engagement to ensure long-term progress for our AAPI families and the organizations that work day and night to support them.”

“In an era where anti-AANHPI hate crimes in New York City have increased a staggering 820% since the pandemic, the time has come to teach people how to love,” said Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar. “Integrating the AANHPI experience into our school curricula will give our children a true understanding of our community’s history and contributions in America. Students will graduate with a love and appreciation of the AANHPI community, knowing that Asian Americans are their fellow Americans. As the first South Asian woman elected to New York State Office, I look forward to passing this historic bill that will make our community seen and heard. We will continue to empower the Asian-American community when we pass my historic bills to make Diwali a New York City school holiday and to create the first ever Asian American and Pacific Islander Commission.”

"I am deeply thrilled to announce the historic allocation of $30 million in this year's state budget, marking a historic investment in the prosperity and well-being of our AAPI communities in New York State,” said Assemblymember Steven Raga. “This funding is more than just financial support; it's a recognition of the invaluable contributions that the AAPI community brings to the socio-cultural and economic fabric of our state. We will ensure that these funds catalyze meaningful progress, reinforcing our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion for all New Yorkers."

“The AAPI community of our State is simultaneously dealing with a crisis of xenophobic violence and an inequitable post-pandemic recovery,” said Asian American Federation Executive Director Jo-Ann Yoo. Our most vulnerable community members are desperately seeking out language-accessible and culturally-competent services from providers rooted in our communities,” Asian American Federation Executive Director, Jo-Ann Yoo, said. “After tireless advocacy and the hard work of our legislators, we’re grateful that $30 million in urgently needed funds are coming to AAPI-serving community-based organizations across the State who are serving on the frontlines of multiple crises.”

“We are grateful for the legislature allocating $30 million dollars to the NYS AAPI Equity Budget Coalition (EBC),”said Anita Gundanna and Vanessa Leung, Co-Executive Directors of the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families. “The EBC is a diverse group of over 100 AAPI-led and -serving organizations across New York State — this funding not only comprehensively targets the increased violence experienced by our communities, but also provides resources to guarantee the living conditions and safety nets of those most marginalized through food justice, mental health, case management, immigration, and more. For far too long, AAPI communities have been historically underfunded and excluded from policymaking and funding decisions. Through this investment into our diverse communities, we are committed to continue fighting for holistic community-based solutions to address the rise in anti-Asian violence. We are excited to continue working together with New York State to continue advocating for the safety and wellness of our diverse AAPI communities together.”

“I am proud to celebrate the $30 million we succeeded in including in this year's state budget to support AAPI communities,” said State Senator Brian Kavanagh. “This funding will enable organizations representing and serving Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to develop programs and services that promote recovery and healing and fight bigotry, including the many organizations working in and serving Chinatown. These initiatives have never been more important than they are now, as we work to confront and end the ignorance and negative stereotyping that have played a role in anti-Asian racism and violence. I will continue to work with Senators Iwen Chu & John Liu, Assemblymember Grace Lee and the AAPI Equity Budget Coalition to increase awareness of AAPI heritage and to stamp out anti-Asian hatred and bigotry in New York.”

"Our 2.1 million AAPI New Yorkers are an integral part of New York’s success and diversity,” said Assemblymember Harvey Epstein. “We are glad to see an increased investment for AAPI communities in the FY2024 budget. With the rise in anti-Asian hate, it’s important to provide resources for our AAPI New Yorkers to feel safe and supported, and this funding will allow for more community-based programs to combat bias and crisis intervention programs that will uplift our AAPI communities."

“I commend the AAPI Equity Coalition for securing $30 million in this year’s budget for the safety and mental health of New York’s Asian American and Pacific Islander community,” said Assemblymember Nily Rozic. “This funding will be instrumental in providing essential support services and creating a safer New York for all.”

"With the unprecedented rise in anti-Asian rhetoric and bias crimes, we need to do more to protect the Asian American and Pacific Islander community," said the Assembly Ways and Means Committee Chair, Helene Weinstein. "This $10 million increase is a step in the right direction; ensuring the vibrant and growing AAPI community continues to thrive."

It is essential to acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable contributions, rich culture, and remarkable history of our AAPI communities,” said Assemblymember Gina Sillitti. “This significant boost in funding is a crucial step in combating Asian hate that continues to plague our society, and serves as a catalyst for promoting equity and ensuring a brighter future for our AAPI community.”

“I’m thrilled to join other Asian Pacific Task Force Members, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) legislators, and a coalition of over 150 AAPI-led and serving nonprofits across New York State to celebrate the historic $30 million investment in AAPI communities in the FY2024 New York State Budget,” said Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas. “I represent diverse and vibrant AAPI communities that continue to face discrimination and have many unmet needs. The funding from this year’s budget will help uplift these communities in a culturally appropriate way and empower AAPI-led organizations to continue serving their communities. Thank you to my colleagues in the legislature and all of the advocates who helped make this historic $30 Million a reality. We know this is a down payment because next year we are coming back for more.”

“I was proud to fight alongside my colleagues on the APA Task Force to secure $30 million for the AAPI Equity Budget, which will serve to combat the rise in bias-related crimes and better meet the needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander New Yorkers’” said Assemblymember Edward Braunstein. “I celebrate this historic funding investment, which is earmarked to support AAPI social service programs, crisis intervention and community-based programming throughout New York State. I thank Senators Liu and Chu and Assemblywoman Lee for their leadership in securing these critical funds.”

“The AAPI Equity Fund has bolstered our capacity to assist the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Thomas Yu, Executive Director of Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE). “They include Asian American families and older adults directly impacted by violent acts of AAPI hate. The fund has supported our efforts to secure safe affordable housing for these families and to provide an array of essential services, including financial stabilization assistance, health care, mental health services, access to culturally appropriate food and personal safety training.”

"We thank the Governor and State Legislature, particularly Senator Chu and Assemblymember Lee, for the historic commitment of $30 million in funding specifically for AAPI led and serving community-based organizations across the state. This is an important step towards addressing urgent and growing community needs," said Wayne Ho, President & CEO of the Chinese-American Planning Council. "The inclusion of the AAPI Equity Budget in the final State Budget will support critical programs on community safety, food insecurity, mental health, civic engagement, and more in immigrant and low-income communities. We thank our Equity Budget Coalition partners for their leadership and commitment to AAPI New Yorkers."

“Hamilton-Madison House would like to thank our legislative champions, our Equity Budget Coalition co-leads the Asian American Federation and the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families, and all our fellow Equity Budget Coalition members for their tireless advocacy that has culminated in this historic $30MM investment in our communities,” said Isabel Ching, Executive Director of Hamilton-Madison House.This funding could not come at a more critical time for our Chinatown and Lower East Side - based non-profit organization. Hamilton-Madison House holds the distinction of operating the second-largest mental health clinic specializing in Asian Americans in the United States, serving more than 600 clients a year in 6 languages and 7 dialects. If it were not for this timely funding, we would have to consider shutting our clinic doors tomorrow. This historic allocation allows us to live on and fight another day for the well-being of our community, until we see policy changes and consistent, sustainable funding at the federal, state and city level for culturally- and linguistically-competent mental health clinics like ours.”

"Today marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empower and uplift the AAPI community. With a transformative $30 million investment, Governor Hochul and our legislative champions have demonstrated their unwavering dedication to fostering inclusivity, equality, and economic growth. This historic funding will pave the way for meaningful change, fueling initiatives that address the unique challenges faced by our AAPI community members,” said Jeehae Fischer, Executive Director of Korean American Family Service Center (KAFSC). “Our journey toward progress doesn't end here. We recognize the importance of continued support to sustain and expand the impact of our work. We call upon our allies, community leaders, and stakeholders to join us in this endeavor. Together, let us advocate for sustained investment, engage in meaningful dialogue, and drive initiatives that create lasting change. The $30 million investment is a powerful catalyst, but it is only the beginning. By harnessing the collective strength of our community and fostering partnerships across sectors, we can ensure that the AAPI community thrives, unlocking its full potential and forging a path toward a more inclusive and equitable future. Together, let us champion this cause and build a legacy of progress for generations to come."

“At UA3, we couldn’t have done without the State’s AAPI funds this year,” said Chi Loek, Executive Director of UA3. “From expanding the selection at our Community First Food Pantry based in Lower East Side to include more culturally appropriate fruit and vegetable choices and running nutritional information workshops for seniors that build community and reduce isolation, to introducing Safety Watch Teams in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn to fight anti-Asian hate and reassure residents, we relied heavily on the generous AAPI allocation. On behalf of all the people we work to help, UA3 is profoundly grateful to all the legislators who made these programs possible.”