Blumencranz: New Yorkers Demand a Call to Action

A Legislative Column by Assemblyman Jake Blumencranz (R,C-Oyster Bay) on Gov. Kathy Hochul’s State of the State Address.

This week, I had the privilege of attending my first State of the State address. In the November election, New York voters sent a clear message to Albany about the path they want their state to take in the next couple of years. From Rochester to Long Island, residents are concerned with their quality of life. Gov. Hochul failed to address the concerns of millions of New Yorkers in her speech.

It was nice to hear that the governor and I share a lot of the same concerns about the state of our state. Unfortunately, the governor renewed her attacks on our suburban way of life here in the 15th Assembly District. In plain and simple terms, Hochul’s housing plan would be a disaster for Long Islanders. Local zoning control is vital to communities determining their future. This unprecedented proposal by the governor will now usurp that power and hand it to developers and special interest groups in Albany.

Gov. Hochul has made promises before to change certain aspects of the cashless bail law and those promises were never kept. She ignores numerous mayors, county executives, and law enforcement officials in their calls for a full repeal of the law. New Yorkers should not have to feel unsafe when picking up their kids from school, going to the grocery store or taking public transportation. I remain committed to seeing the law repealed and supporting our local police departments in their efforts to reduce crime.

The governor and I agree that mental health should be a priority in the upcoming legislative session. We must do more to increase awareness and funding for mental health programs in our communities and schools. I look forward to working with the governor to increase in-patient care and tackle homelessness on our streets head on.

Whether it’s the rise in crime or cost of living, if the state government does not come together to find bipartisan solutions, New Yorkers will continue to suffer. The governor’s vision for New York will only continue the mass exodus of our residents. In the coming weeks, I look forward to rolling out my legislative agenda for a safer, more prosperous, and more affordable New York.