Blumencranz Leads Charge to Change Squatters’ Rights Law

Assemblyman Jake Blumencranz (R,C-Oyster Bay) led a press conference this morning to advocate for changes to the state’s laws on squatters’ rights. Blumencranz spoke about his proposal, A.6894, which would protect the rights of homeowners and add squatting to the definition of criminal trespassing. Just last week, two squatters killed a woman in Manhattan in her mother’s apartment and a homeowner was arrested for trying to evict these trespassers from their property. Currently, squatters gain homeowner rights after occupying a residency for only 30 days. This forces the rightful property owners to go through a lengthy and expensive court process in order to evict these squatters. Blumencranz’s proposal would push back squatters' rights from 30 to 45 days and allow police to make arrests for trespassers. These changes will give homeowners more protection from losing their property to squatters and give law enforcement officers the authorization they need to detain violators.

“The fact that someone can break into your house and have full legal protection after 30 days is completely wrong and un-American,” said Blumencranz. “This is why I’ve proposed the Property Protection Act to close these glaring loopholes in the law and directly combat the squatting crisis we are facing in our state. Long Islanders and all New Yorkers should not have to live in fear of people trying to game the system and take away their hard-earned property and their American dream. New York is the home of hard-working individuals and families, not criminals looking to cheat their way to the top. We must act now to protect New Yorkers and their homes.”