Brabenec Once Again Calls for Greater Judicial Discretion in Place of Bail Reform Policy

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C-Deerpark) is again pushing for the Legislature to amend the state’sbail reform laws, following over three years of rising crime rates and horror stories from across New York. At a press conference today conducted in partnership with state Senate and Assembly Minority colleagues, Brabenec highlighted the need for a return to sensible legislation.

“Every time I hear one of these stories – that a citizen of New York is injured, robbed or killed by a criminal who has been given free reign thanks to bail reform – I’m just heartbroken,” Brabenec exclaimed. “The solution to the problem isn’t complex, it just requires the Majority to admit they were wrong and honor their commitment to protecting New Yorkers statewide.

“If we’re not going to wholesale repeal bail reform, we need to give other systems of justice the strength they need to carry out their work. This includes returning individual discretion to local justices, instead of forcing them to arbitrarily carry out decisions mandated by the state. New York needs to do better,” Brabenec concluded.