Brabenec Calls for a Repeal of Congestion Pricing in New York City

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C-Deerpark) has partnered with colleagues in the state Assembly to push a proposal forward that would bring an end to congestion pricing, full stop, for all travelers and commuters going in and out of New York City. The proposal has a partner measure being introduced in the state Senate, and Brabenec hopes both will be up for formal debate this year.

“These additional fees for people traveling in and out of the city are aggressive and overly burdensome, even to those who do life-saving work in New York City, such as police officers and first responders,” Brabenec said. “This, in addition to recommendations made by the MTA to suspend rail travel from the city to Rockland County, and vice versa, disproportionately impacts Hudson Valley residents and targets them to be forced to spend more just to get into the city. It’s an unfair move; it’s totally self-serving at the expense of the rest of the state, and it needs to be repealed, plain and simple.”