Brabenec Gathers Legislative Advice From Local School Children

Last week, Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C,I-Deerpark) hosted his first annual “My Idea for a Law” poster contest at North Main Street Elementary School in Monroe. Brabenec encouraged second-grade students to think of an everyday problem they believe could be solved with a new state law and create a poster displaying their idea. Proposals from students included four-day school weeks, elimination of Common Core tests, a new park, and tablets for all students.

“A good representative listens to concerns and takes input from his constituents. These students represent the future of New York, and their opinions are incredibly valuable,” said Brabenec. “This poster contest provides children with a creative outlet as well as a civics lesson about getting involved in their government. We heard a lot of great ideas, and I’m excited to work on some of these legislative proposals.”

The participants of this year’s My Idea for a Law contest will have their work displayed in Albany and were encouraged to travel with their parents to the state Capitol to take part in a tour and be honored by the Assembly.