Brabenec Joins Legislators in Support of Subpoenaing Dr. Zucker Following Nursing Home Scandal

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C,I- Deerpark) is joining the Assembly Minority Conference, including Minority colleagues on the Assembly Oversight, Analysis and Investigation Committees in urging Majority colleagues to support their petition utilizing Section 62-A of Article 4 of the Legislative Law to issue a subpoena to New York State Commissioner of Health Dr. Howard A. Zucker to testify before the Legislature.

This morning, Assemblymen Joseph Angelino (R,C,I- Norwich) and Michael Montesano (R,C,I,LBT- Glen Head) who are both members of the Assembly Oversight, Analysis and Investigation Committee, held a press conference calling for bipartisan cooperation in seeking accountability for the nursing home tragedy from Gov. Cuomo and Dr. Zucker. 

Section 62-A of Legislative Law gives the authority to committees to issue a subpoena for an individual to appear before them to answer questions if a majority of the committee’s members sign a petition. For Angelino and Montesano to be able to issue a subpoena to Dr. Zucker and make him answer questions stemming from the Attorney General’s nursing home report, they will need two Democrats on the committee to sign on.

“Section 62-A of Legislative Law gives us the ability to quit playing politics and force Commissioner of Health Howard Zucker to answer for the nursing home disaster they allowed to rage out of control and why they lied to us about the numbers for so long,” said Brabenec. “This is our opportunity to do the right thing and move to hold the governor and Dr. Zucker accountable for their failures and deception. I support this measure to subpoena Dr. Zucker and force him to answer our questions and I call on my Majority colleagues to do the same.”