Brabenec: County Authorities Need Vaccines

A statement from Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C,I- Deerpark)

“From the beginning of the vaccine rollout, the state’s strategy has shut out county and local officials and failed in consistently and efficiently getting doses where they are needed. The state has repeatedly shown it is disconnect with the needs of hospitals and communities in its efforts to vaccinate vulnerable populations.

“I am joining colleagues in both the New York State Senate and Assembly in supporting Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus in urging state officials to distribute all available doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to counties based on population. 

“The state must empower counties to facilitate distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. County officials are better informed and closer to the situation on the ground in their communities than any state authority could hope to be. By allocating doses of the vaccine directly to counties and allowing them to facilitate distribution through their healthcare infrastructure, we will get more people vaccinated and save countless lives.”