Assembly Majority Move to Give Violent Felons the Ability to Vote

Today, the state Assembly voted on legislation that gives convicted felons the ability to vote. (S.830-B). With this bill, any convict released on probation or parole would be legally able to register to vote, irrespective of the crime they were convicted of. 

“This bill is reckless and a direct statement to the victims of crimes that the Majority in the Legislature doesn't care about them. 

“The New York State Constitution is very clear when it comes to the right to suffrage and explicitly states that the Legislature cannot change the voting rights of individuals convicted of serious crimes.

“Just like the rest of the rights we are afforded, the ability to exercise the right to vote has always been determined by an individual's lawful participation in society. You harm society, you are no longer allowed to participate in the decision-making process. It is as simple as that. 

“While I believe in a path to redemption, this bill is a blanket grant of privileges back to a specific population that has victimized their neighbors and proven their inability to be trusted with the responsibility of our democratic process.”