Brabenec Co-Sponsors Legislation to Establish Clinical Staffing Committees in Hospitals

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C-Deerpark) is proud to co-sponsor a bill (A.108B) requiring healthcare facilities to establish a clinical staffing committee to ensure safety standards for health care services. This bill seeks to address the needs of individual hospitals in New York state and would be implemented by January 2022.

​The new law would work to develop and oversee the implementation of clinical guidelines and staffing policies that will benefit hospital patients and staff alike by ensuring patients have access to the care they need no matter the time or place.

“I fully support this bill and am proud to have co-sponsored it,” said Brabenec. “It promotes accountability, work balance and safer working conditions for all hospital staff. The health and safety of hospital patients and the ability of staff to do their jobs are essential to the operation of our healthcare system and this bill will contribute greatly to our ability to provide quality care to those in need. It is cost effective and the research shows it will help tremendously in making our hospitals safer.”