Assemblyman Lester Chang Applauds Lunar New Year Recognition

Assemblyman Lester Chang expresses his satisfaction with the recent recognition of the Lunar New Year and Diwali in the great state of New York. However, he also acknowledges his concern with the current scope for this recognition which is limited to be observed solely as school holidays in New York City. Both bills are awaiting the governor's signature.

Chang firmly believes that the cultural significance and widespread impact of the Lunar New Year and Diwali deserve statewide acknowledgement. Thus, he remains committed to his mission of advocating for the designation of these important occasions as statewide holidays for all New Yorkers.

“These celebrations hold great importance for the communities I respect, and I carry immense cultural value for countless individuals throughout our city and state. By designating the Lunar New Year and Diwali as statewide holidays, we can celebrate the elements that truly make our city and state exceptional and strengthen the bonds of our communities. It is my belief that it is crucial to recognize and honor the traditions of all New Yorkers,” said Chang.

Chang continues to be an outspoken supporter of cultural inclusivity and has championed legislation highlighting the contributions of the Asian community. With his efforts he aims to secure statewide recognition of the Lunar New Year during his tenure in the New York Assembly. He urges his fellow lawmakers, community leaders, and constituents to join him in pursuing cultural appreciation and celebration.