Assemblywoman Nily Rozic Announces Major Investment in Flushing School

State Grant Totaling $375,000 Will Fund New Media Center for Townsend Harris High School Students

Flushing, Queens Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (D, WF-Queens) is announcing that she has allocated $375,000 for the expansion and upgrading of the Townsend Harris High School’s (THHS) Student Publication Center. The state funding will renovate one of the school’s classrooms into a digital media space that will host digital art classes, as well as house the new headquarters of “The Classic” (the student-run newspaper) and “The Phoenix” (the student-run literary magazine). This new funding coincides with Media Literacy Week, a national celebration that highlights the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education across the country. 

“Providing students with the best resources and tools available to produce cutting edge news and media is imperative to shaping the next generation of leaders.” said Assemblywoman Rozic. “This new room and gathering space will harness the creativity of students looking to publish their work and allow students to use their voices for change.”

Last year, the editors-in-chief of the school newspaper “The Classic” were instrumental in uncovering a scandal involving the sexual misconduct of an English teacher at the school. Utilizing their existing Publication Student Center, the students printed a series of articles that lead to student-wide sit-its, advocacy and a policy shift by the DOE. Long known for its student journalism program, this follows prior coverage of the school’s leadership change and other major school events. 

“We are grateful to Assemblywoman Rozic for supporting our dreams of creating 21st century artistic spaces for our students,” said Veronica York (Assistant Principal of Music & Art at THHS). With the creation of a new Music Tech Room, new digital art spaces, and upgrades to the school theater, we can continue strengthening our passion for the arts and utilizing the Humanities to bring people together.

Rozic added, “Investing in a school's infrastructure is an important way to invest in the health and well-being of our students.”

The state funding will also help renovate a music tech space with digital music production equipment and provide sound, lighting, and acoustics renovations for the school’s auditorium.