Rozic Passes First Bill in New York State Legislature

Law helps State Environmental Agency promote a strong, healthy ecosystem
Rozic keeps promise to be a champion for environmental sustainability

Queens, NY – Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (D, WF-Fresh Meadows) announced passage of her first bill in the State Assembly. This piece of legislation (A6905/S4220) extends the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) authority to regulate and maintain the existing whelk and conch population, which is a vital part to continuing to make the environment sustainable.

“I am thrilled that the first bill I passed as a member of the New York State Assembly addresses the issue of protecting our environment,” said Assemblywoman Rozic. “Since taking office five months ago, I have fought for a green and healthy New York State that betters our quality of life. The new law will deliver the message that New York’s economic future is a green future, and will help protect our natural resources for future generations.”

The depletion of certain marine populations throughout New York has resulted in a sharp increase in the demand for whelk and conch licenses and an increase in the harvesting of other populations, including moon snails. A recent survey conducted by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection shows a decrease in the weight of whelk and conch in the Long Island Sound and indicates that the species is currently being over-harvested.

Extending DEC’s authority to regulate these species is essential to maintaining the population and ensuring a robust environment. This law helps provide the state with one of the necessary tools it needs to ensure the viability of these marine resources and protects New York’s ecosystem.