Statement from Assemblywoman Rozic on Passage of Women’s Equality Act

Assemblywoman Rozic issued the following statement announcing the passage of the Women’s Equality Act:

“As the youngest woman serving in the legislature, today I am proud to have voted for the Women's Equality Act. By passing this historic legislation we have made great steps towards women being equal within the State of New York. The Women’s Equality Act closes loopholes and legal grey areas within the law to finally establish equal pay, equal rights, and self autonomy. The passage of this bill shows that it will no longer be acceptable in any place of employment for sexual harassment or discrimination to exist. It is time to end inequity in the workforce and in housing opportunities, to give women equal pay for equal work, and to protect the health of women across New York State. The clock is ticking and I hope that the State Senate will follow our leadership and vote in favor of the comprehensive Women's Equality Act.”