Assembly Passes Second Seawright Bill in One Day: Paving the Way for Self-Governance on Roosevelt Island

Bill amends laws dating back to1984

Albany, New York – On June 8, 2016, The New York State Assembly took the lead of Rebecca Seawright and passed her legislation that would establish the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) if signed by the governor. It requires that the next Chief Executive Officer of RIOC be a resident of Roosevelt Island or become a resident within six months of appointment. The bill is sponsored in the Senate by José Serrano.

“Roosevelt Island residents are deeply committed to their community but very disenchanted with its present governance,” Seawright said. “Presently, there are no residency requirements for RIOC’s President/Chief Executive Officer, who are entrusted with daily life operations on Roosevelt Island. This bill allows the board to appoint the CEO of RIOC, determine the term of office and requires that the CEO complies with the rules that apply to public officers. It is a pivotal step towards self-governance for Roosevelt Island residents, creating accountability and requiring greater transparency.”