Assembly Member Rebecca A. Seawright Honors Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island Women at the Third Annual Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony

- Awards given to women who make the 76th District a better community -

New York, NY – On the evening of Thursday, March 16 2017, Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright’s Third Annual Women of Distinction Awards to commemorate Women’s History Month was held at the Regina Peruggi Room at Marymount Manhattan College.

Seawright honored twenty-one women who have demonstrated hard work, commitment, and dedication to making our community a better place. Award recipients included Michele Birnbaum, Eva Bosbach, Judy Buck, Mary Coleman, Maureen Fairlie, Linda Heimer, Sherie Helstien, Wendy L. Hersh, Jean Kim, Dara Lamb, Jacqueline Ludorf, Valerie S. Mason, Dr. Marilyn Mehr, Sonia Ossorio, Barbara Parker, Liz Patrick, Joyce Short, Louella Streitz, Lynne Strong-Shinozaki, Dr. Betty Walker, and Dr. Elaine M. Walsh.

This year holds monumental significance as the 100 year anniversary of the Suffrage Movement, which Seawright spoke to as a turning point in American History. “We have to stop thinking of history as a closed book, a story with an end, because as women, our story is not nearly over. There are exciting new chapters still to be written,” Seawright said.

Hunter College students opened the ceremony: Nailya Khalizova played a piece from “Chopin’s Prelude,” and Sara Tabio read “Spanglish in America,” her original response to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me.” Following the performances, Marymount Manhattan College President Dr. Kerry Walk welcomed the audience.

In closing Seawright said, “Celebrating Women’s History Month is not just about honoring women who came before us, it is about reminding ourselves of the heroines who inspired us by using their courage, their spirit, and their accomplishments as motivation to keep fighting for our rights. Congratulations, Women of Distinction, you are an inspiration to our community, our city, and our great State of New York!”