April 23, 2020: Town Hall On Cyber Security

We held our April 21 virtual Townhall Tuesday on cyber security and scam prevention. We heard from Alex Bores, cofounder of Foresight2020 and Todd Marlin, Ernst & Young Global Forensic & Integrity Services Technology & Innovation Leader.

Alex provided strategies for using Zoom safely and securely during the COVID19 crisis. During these times, most people have transitioned to working remotely and rely on communicating on virtual platforms. With the introduction of new technologies, we are at greater risk online but there are ways to deter scammers.

Todd shared examples of common phishing scams in which people are sent notifications online selling COVID19 so called testing kits or treatment for the virus. Watch the town hall here: https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaASeawright/videos/1529047857254663/

Next week, we are discussing education, streaming live on Facebook! Submit your questions to SeawrightR@NYAssembly.gov.