Press Releases

Helping the Hurricane & Earthquake Victims

Better Bus Service, Flatbush Stands Together & Sudden Closure of Kensington Fitness

Perfect 100% from NYLCV, Standing Against Hate & Additional Constituent Help Next Week

Victory on School Based Health Centers, Art Window #2 and more!

Assemblymembers Robert Carroll & Jo Anne Simon Joined Families, Schools, and Nurses to Rally in Support of School Based Health Centers

Brooklyn, NY – Assemblymembers Robert Carroll and Jo Anne Simon, and other elected officials, joined families, schools and school-based health care providers today for a rally in support of School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) in front of PS 146. Recent...

Riders Respond, Fight to Save School Based Health Centers & National Night Out

#GOBK Civic Festival & the MTA Crisis

My Plan to Fix the MTA

The Carroll Plan to Cure Our Ailing Transit System

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Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D-Brooklyn), a lifelong straphanger who does not own a car, announced today his six-step plan to overhaul and improve the MTA. “New Yorkers are uncomfortable on their commutes, crammed into trains and sitting for long...

Extraordinary Session, the MTA & Civic Festival 2017

Close of the Legislative Session... I Think

3 days to go - NY needs #easyelections

State Assembly Passes Legislation to Bring New York Elections into 21st Century, Help More Voters Make Their Voices Heard

Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D-Windsor Terrace) announced that the Assembly passed a series of bills to modernize the state’s election process and make voting easier for more New Yorkers, including measures to allow online voter registration and voting...

Too young to vote. Old enough to lobby.

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Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D-Windsor Terrace) welcomed more than 30 high school students from New York City today as they made the trek to Albany to support Carroll’s bill, the Young Voter Act (A.6839). “This is how democratic reforms happen...

We have a deal

After 12 straight days of around the clock negotiations, the Assembly, State Senate, and the Governor finally reached an agreement on the $153.1 Billion 2017-2018 State Budget. The revenue language bill was printed late last night, the Assembly has been...

Assemblymember Carroll, Working with Local Teens, Proposes 'Young Voter Act'

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When three students at Bard High School reached out to their Assemblymember, Robert Carroll (D-Windsor Terrace), they didn't expect their idea to go far. “It all began with a simple question: what can high school students do between election years...

Carroll Voted No on A01750

Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D/WF) voted “No” today on the Assembly bill to put a one-year moratorium on the City’s bring your own bag bill. The bill passed the Assembly overwhelmingly. Additionally, Carroll was the only “No” vote...

Brooklynites, Community Leaders Come Together to Celebrate Inauguration of Assemblymember Robert Carroll

Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D/WF) hosted a community event on Sunday afternoon at P.S. 130 in Brooklyn to celebrate his inauguration as the district’s new representative in Albany. Over 300 neighbors, friends, and community leaders joined Carroll...

Assemblymember Carroll: Assembly Continues Leading the Way in Protecting Women’s Reproductive Freedom

Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D/WF-Brooklyn) announced that he helped pass two critical pieces of legislation to strengthen and protect women’s reproductive rights. The measures affirm a woman’s right to an abortion in New York State (A.1748) and...