2021-22 State Budget Victories

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Assemblymember Robert Carrol’s State Budget Victories:

We got $19.8 billion in Foundation Aid for our public schools, an increase of $1.4 billion over last year’s budget, and a commitment to fully fund the Foundation Aid formula over the next three years.
We secured $2.4 bill in federal childcare aid.
We negotiated $13.7 billion to fund higher education for SUNY and CUNY
We were successful in getting $88 million more to increase the maximum TAP award to $5665
We achiever $3 billion in combined federal and state aid for tenant and homeowner relief
We also won $800 million for Small Business Recovery Grant Program
And we got $100 million for a musical and theatre production tax credit
We added $2.1 billion to an excluded workers fund, to provide to one-time unemployment benefits to immigrant workers who were not able to receive unemployment benefits and other government assistance due to their immigration status.
We made sure New York City’s vial Local Law 97 to combat climate remains intact
And we require $1M+ earning individuals and large companies to pay their fair share, generating an estimated $7.8 billion over the next two years