Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration in Albany

Carl E. Heastie
Speaker of the Assembly & Chairman of the Task Force on New Americans
Ron Kim in conjunction with Members Michael DenDekker
Francisco P. Moya
Catherine Nolan
Walter Mosley
Peter Abbate
Edward C. Braunstein
Marcos Crespo
William Colton
Dan Quart
Nily Rozic
Sheldon Silver
Michael Simanowitz
Come and join us for our Annual APA Heritage Month Celebration! Free food and fun activities at the Well on Thursday, May 28th!
Thursday, May 28th Celebration Kick-Off 10:30am Taste of Asia Open Buffet 11:45am The Well Legislative Office Building Albany, NY 12248 For Further Information, Please contact (718) 939-0195 or Email at