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Bendett: One-House Budget Will Waste Taxpayer Dollars and Stifle Small Businesses

“The state budget is beyond bloated—if the state is going to spend all this money, we have to make sure it gets to those who need it most. Hardworking taxpayers and small businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19 and the ongoing recession, and as...

Bendett: Improving New York Roads Is Essential

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Assemblyman Scott Bendett (R,C-Sand Lake) attended a press conference on the Million Dollar Staircase in the state Capitol earlier today to support the call to increase funding for local roads, bridges and culverts. Also in attendance were Sen. Tom O’Mara...

Bendett, Ashby Applaud Rensselaer County for Opting Into State-Authorized Tax Relief for Brave Volunteers

 Assemblyman Scott Bendett (R,C-Sand Lake) and Sen. Jake Ashby (R,C-Castleton) are thrilled that Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin is providing volunteer firefighters and emergency service workers with an exemption on their property taxes....

Bendett: Spending is Out of Control and Priorities are not in Sync With the Needs of New Yorkers

“Inflation and the increased cost of living have impacted New Yorkers greatly,” said Bendett. “Excessive government spending needs to be stopped and state funding needs to be directed to the right places so we have the opportunity to grow economically....

Bendett Joins Colleagues in Calls to Repeal Deadly “Bail Reform”

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Today, Assemblyman Scott Bendett (R,C-Sand Lake) joined Assembly and Senate Colleagues, law enforcement and families of crime victims at the state Capitol to call for increased criminal justice measures throughout New York following the bail reform laws...

Bendett: Our First Responders Need Our Support

“The attack by an inmate on a correction officer in Rensselaer County Jail this week is an unfortunate reality caused by ill-advised policies implemented by Albany. Correction officers across the state are struggling to efficiently perform their jobs...
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