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William Scarborough
Assembly District 29
Chair, Small Business Committee

Community Happenings
Flood Relief Meeting in Southeast Queens: A Call to Action
February 19, 2013
Forum on the high ground water level in our area
May 12, 2011
Forum On Maternal and Infant Care
May 12, 2004
A Message From...Assemblyman William Scarborough
July 30, 2003

Keeping You Informed
Consumers need relief from soaring energy bills
July 23, 2014
Save on Rent - Take Advantage of the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Program
July 21, 2014
Assemblyman William Scarborough is Fighting to Protect Your Quality of Life
October 8, 2013
New York State of Health: Understanding the Affordable Care Act
September 24, 2013
Assemblyman William Scarborough Reports to the People - Summer 2013
August 14, 2013
Assemblyman William Scarborough reduces co-pays for EPIC enrollees
April 9, 2012
State Budget Saves Senior Centers
April 15, 2011
Assemblyman William Scarborough Reports to the People - Winter 2010
January 22, 2010
Scarborough Responds to U.S. Department of Justice Report on New York’s Juvenile Justice System
September 2, 2009
Assemblyman Scarborough and Senator Velmanette Montgomery Send Joint Letter to ACS Commissioner Mattingly Urging Answers Following Public Hearing on ACS Transfer of 4 and Half Year Old into Kindergarten
August 26, 2009
Notice of Public Hearing - Educational opportunities for youth in juvenile justice facilities

June 4, 2009
Influential Assembly Committee Chairs Secure Restorations for Essential Services for Neediest New Yorkers
April 2, 2009
The 2010 Census - We’re Counting On You
March 10, 2009
2008 Annual Report of the NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Children and Families
December 15, 2008
Protecting Queens County’s Elderly
May 21, 2008
Assemblyman William Scarborough Reports to the People - Spring 2008
February 26, 2008
Do Not Place Unsolicited Advertising Materials On This Property
December 20, 2007
Take the 2007 Summer Reading Challenge
May 4, 2007
2007 State Budget: A Historic Investment in New York’s Schools
May 2, 2007
Important Wage Information from Assemblyman Scarborough - 29th Assembly District
April 10, 2007
Assemblyman William Scarborough Reports to the People - Summer 2006
July 6, 2006
If We Don't Protect Them How Are They Going to Protect Us?
March 2, 2006
News from the NYS Assembly Committee on Children and Families
September 7, 2005
Assemblyman William Scarborough Is Helping New York City Seniors
August 22, 2005
Assemblyman William Scarborough Reports to the People - Fall 2005
August 19, 2005
Consumer Focus on Auto Insurance
May 10, 2004
Asthma Is a Serious Health Risk for All of Us
May 10, 2004
Bicycle Safety and the New York State Helmet Law
May 10, 2004
The Summer Reading Challenge
May 10, 2004
Teen-Age Drinking And The Law
May 10, 2004
This Tax Season, You Can Help Fight the Battle Against Breast Cancer
May 10, 2004
Child Health Plus ... Keeping Kids Healthy
May 10, 2004
Wireless Phone Alert
May 10, 2004
Consumer Guide to Auto Leasing
May 10, 2004
Senior Information and Health Forum
April 20, 2004
Assemblyman William Scarborough - Reports to the People - Summer 2003
June 26, 2003
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