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William Scarborough
Assembly District 29
Chair, Small Business Committee
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A00509Creates the "September eleventh, two thousand one remembrance" distinctive license plate program
A01515Establishes a pilot program to provide job and vocational skills training to youth who have been adjudicated juvenile delinquents or juvenile offenders
A02352Establishes a returning heroes tax credit for businesses that hire veterans returning from war
A02353Makes provisions relating to assisting small businesses
A02354Relates to small business revolving loan funds
A02356Requires investigating officials to investigate the homes of adults about whom reports have been filed
A02357Provides for alternative to detention programs for court-involved children
A02358Requires the office of children and family services to submit a report on recommendations for manageable workloads for adult protective services workers
A02359Authorizes certain health care professionals licensed to practice in other jurisdictions to practice in this state in connection with an event sanctioned by Remote Area Medical
A02581Requires social services districts to maintain a waiting list of families who have applied for child care assistance and data regarding the income of such families
A02582Relates to guidelines and standards for child protective services caseworker workloads
A02583Requires employees of certain child day cares to be trained and certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid
A02584Requires facilitating the use of alternatives to detention programs
A02585Relates to entrepreneurship assistance centers; repealer
A02586Relates to program loans to small businesses
A02587Provides zero and low interest loans or loan interest rate reduction for energy improvement projects to stimulate the growth and development of small businesses
A02887Relates to required coursework and training in reporting cases of suspected child abuse
A03169Establishes the youth in progress advisory board for adolescents in foster care
A04167Requires the governor's office for economic development and the office of empire state development to undertake a review of loan programs and implement measures that improve efficiencies
A04169Creates a directory of assistance for small businesses and minority and women business enterprises
A04170Allows out-of-state licensed health care professionals to perform services in this state in certain limited circumstances and on a voluntary basis
A04171Establishes offense for the electronic stalking of minors
A04350Allows businesses to use funds received from minority and women-owned business development and lending program for the purpose of refinancing existing debt
A04351Establishes the foster care higher education scholarship program
A04352Relates to notification procedures for the transfer of a child from one foster home to another
A04353Requires the recording of all calls made to the statewide central register of child abuse and maltreatment
A04354Relates to sexually exploited children
A04355Provides two days excused leave for parents for participation with child's education
A04356Establishes the peer advocacy and mentoring program
A04357Relates to the public safety communications surcharge; repealer
A04358Creates the micro business outreach center assistance program and micro business outreach center
A04509Requires deferred installment payment plan be offered to small businesses for telephone service installation, initiation and nonrecurring maintenance charges
A05010Increases penalties for all offenses involving the possession, use, sale or purchase of firearms
A05141Directs the city of New York to conduct an analysis of stormwater and groundwater issues in southeast Queens
A05419Relates to providing a tax credit for certain donations to assist small businesses in severe weather recovery
A05468Authorizes gas corporations and electric corporations to purchase and sell generators for residential use
A05578Relates to financial assistance to small businesses for the purpose of pollution prevention, control and compliance
A06916Relates to the small business revolving loan fund program
A07103Relates to voting by the legislature during certain hours
A07831Relates to information in child fatality reports
A07976Requires southeast Queens to mitigate property damage caused by environmental issues which are caused by acts or omissions of such municipality
A08273Relates to prohibiting the sale or purchase of minor children
A08513Enacts the HIRE NY act to provide loans through the urban development corporation for hiring by micro-businesses; appropriation
A08913Establishes the sickle cell treatment act of 2014
A08961Relates to establishing uniform standards for searching for missing persons; expands state databanks to include adults
A09165Directs the comptroller to prepare an audit of certain New York city regulatory agencies to assess the impact of certain enforcement actions on small businesses
A09228Relates to rental payments from the NYC water board

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

A10065Relates to the administration of the regional revolving loan fund program
A10149Requires police agencies to take reports of missing adults whenever the adult is reported to be missing

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00022   A00025   A00031   A00057   A00088   A00158   A00159   A00164   A00202   A00218   A00295   A00296   A00407   A00421   A00443   A00456   A00496   A00504   A00518   A00566   A00575   A00619   A00708   A00792   A00824   A00864   A00977   A00993   A01044   A01077   A01117   A01122   A01125   A01132   A01170   A01179   A01186   A01188   A01190   A01195   A01204   A01264   A01281   A01353   A01363   A01394   A01400   A01438   A01451   A01490   A01502   A01529   A01536   A01619   A01630   A01631   A01632   A01666   A01685   A01752   A01792   A01800   A01857   A01912   A01938   A01977   A01978   A02039   A02041   A02042   A02060   A02092   A02094   A02098   A02117   A02166   A02179   A02180   A02189   A02203   A02240   A02257   A02263   A02264   A02294   A02309   A02312   A02325   A02335   A02345   A02362   A02373   A02400   A02412   A02456   A02501   A02510   A02511   A02576   A02597   A02599   A02601   A02652   A02676   A02687   A02694   A02755   A02773   A02781   A02805   A02846   A02857   A02858   A02866   A02882   A02891   A02892   A02899   A02901   A02991   A02992   A03017   A03066   A03068   A03069   A03076   A03115   A03155   A03221   A03244   A03265   A03280   A03295   A03305   A03339   A03351   A03365   A03401   A03421   A03441   A03446   A03490   A03497   A03514   A03516   A03525   A03570   A03597   A03634   A03647   A03668   A03677   A03734   A03751   A03757   A03821   A03831   A03874   A03892   A03942   A04106   A04109   A04201   A04205   A04236   A04243   A04245   A04271   A04272   A04273   A04275   A04286   A04315   A04331   A04381   A04493   A04520   A04524   A04606   A04613   A04626   A04638   A04745   A04755   A04763   A04817   A04846   A04848   A04862   A04901   A04980   A05062   A05109   A05125   A05131   A05143   A05145   A05164   A05246   A05276   A05294   A05364   A05405   A05417   A05424   A05538   A05557   A05564   A05570   A05597   A05671   A05680   A05686   A05781   A05785   A05786   A05837   A05872   A05987   A06003   A06195   A06289   A06291   A06328   A06351   A06353   A06360   A06481   A06589   A06597   A06680   A06701   A06710   A06716   A06719   A06723   A06767   A06790   A06820   A06859   A06947   A07003   A07086   A07144   A07189   A07198   A07202   A07227   A07229   A07230   A07259   A07293   A07311   A07320   A07380   A07401   A07436   A07440   A07535   A07560   A07587   A07588   A07590   A07593   A07598   A07635   A07643   A07668   A07671   A07688   A07724   A07740   A07741   A07742   A07794   A07805   A07849   A07916   A08045   A08150   A08170   A08201   A08211   A08212   A08219   A08220   A08293   A08316   A08317   A08392   A08418   A08472   A08473   A08478   A08482   A08484   A08497   A08588   A08607   A08611   A08631   A08653   A08745   A08751   A08769   A08785   A08812   A08815   A08819   A08824   A08841   A08858   A08863   A08874   A08875   A08900   A08903   A08917   A08929   A08960   A08974   A08984   A08986   A09000   A09021   A09025   A09038   A09053   A09061   A09084   A09105   A09135   A09182   A09217   A09232   A09277   A09279   A09312   A09341   A09348   A09367   A09368   A09428   A09447   A09481   A09490   A09515   A09521   A09529   A09530   A09531   A09550   A09560   A09640   A09645   A09702   A09731   A09741   A09808   A09859   A09892   A09900  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A10037   A10144   A10162   A10168  

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