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Margaret M. Markey
Assembly District 30
Chair, Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development Committee
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A01771Eliminates statute of limitations in criminal actions and revives civil actions for certain sex offenses committed against a child less than eighteen years of age
A02038Requires the installation of portable air filters in schools located in N.Y. city
A02114Requires every golf course to make available at least one functional cardiac defibrillator
A06025Enables senior citizens to cash social security checks without maintaining an account at the bank honoring such check
A06081Grants personal income taxpayers the ability to make a gift to the state parks on their tax returns; establishes the state parks fund
A07010Authorizes the forest ranger force to establish a training program for volunteer search and rescue personnel to assist the forest rangers
A07392Establishes a resident curator program for the rehabilitation of state park buildings
A07681Eliminates statute of limitations in criminal actions for certain sex offenses committed against a child less than eighteen years of age
A07991Authorizes the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation to lease or license certain structures and facilities within certain state parks; repealer
A08186Includes psychological screening for students in public schools as part of the required health certificate
A08484Increases certain special accidental death benefits
A08586Relates to the surrender of certificates of registration and number plates
A08587Includes in the class E felony of vehicular assault in the second degree, the causing of serious physical injury or death while operating a vehicle with suspended, revoked or no license
A08601Establishes an arts fund to receive contributions for the support of the New York state council on the arts
A08727Extends certain provisions of law relating to the resale of tickets to places of entertainment through May 14, 2015
A08728Extends through January 1, 2017, provisions authorizing the operation of certain leased craft without a boating safety certificate
A08908Prohibits a skier from skiing in any area unless he or she is wearing a protective helmet; applicable to skiers under fourteen years of age
A08986Establishes a tax credit for farmers who make food donations to food banks or other public, charitable or not-for-profit emergency food programs

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00038   A00088   A00146   A00164   A00177   A00189   A00217   A00264   A00399   A00408   A00425   A00484   A00496   A00513   A00523   A00566   A00661   A00744   A00770   A00779   A00824   A00888   A00896   A00917   A00963   A00986   A01001   A01056   A01057   A01095   A01116   A01122   A01128   A01132   A01153   A01200   A01240   A01285   A01374   A01413   A01663   A01666   A01686   A01697   A01715   A01743   A01762   A01792   A01795   A01826   A01857   A01909   A01980   A02041   A02067   A02096   A02101   A02115   A02165   A02182   A02240   A02283   A02319   A02346   A02362   A02437   A02450   A02453   A02456   A02488   A02625   A02686   A02775   A02797   A02836   A02884   A03104   A03111   A03302   A03339   A03346   A03373   A03455   A03563   A03612   A03634   A03659   A03687   A03727   A03872   A03997   A04186   A04236   A04440   A04560   A04627   A04715   A04750   A04792   A04822   A04827   A04878   A04881   A04987   A05060   A05077   A05113   A05117   A05125   A05150   A05159   A05169   A05170   A05171   A05233   A05244   A05250   A05294   A05314   A05330   A05345   A05424   A05486   A05492   A05580   A05597   A05599   A05604   A05606   A05623   A05641   A05653   A05692   A05741   A05795   A05796   A05821   A05886   A05966   A05974   A06003   A06030   A06093   A06170   A06239   A06286   A06313   A06327   A06432   A06449   A06517   A06571   A06631   A06696   A06699   A06790   A06818   A06863   A06902   A06974   A07021   A07055   A07097   A07157   A07250   A07635   A07643   A07877   A07878   A07887   A07955   A08021   A08057   A08070   A08122   A08140   A08170   A08198   A08220   A08230   A08232   A08300   A08304   A08316   A08336   A08343   A08344   A08350   A08355   A08399   A08453   A08607   A08742   A08763   A08764   A08812   A08816   A08824   A08838   A08874   A08902   A08955   A09015   A09070   A09123   A09135   A09211   A09213   A09214   A09217   A09256   A09334   A09342  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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