Rhoda Jacobs
Rhoda S. Jacobs, of Flatbush, Brooklyn was first elected to the Assembly in 1978. After having served as Chair of the Social Services Committee for twelve years she was appointed head of the Majority Program Committee, named Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore in 2001 and in 2003 she was appointed by the Speaker to serve in the prestigious role of Assistant Speaker. Throughout her tenure in office Ms. Jacobs has been at the forefront of significant issues in health care, Medicaid, welfare reform, job development, consumer education and protection in banking, insurance and public utilities.

Her cutting edge legislation has served as a national model for preventive measures in women's and children's health care. Assemblywoman Jacobs brought child vaccinations into the spotlight as she worked to pass some of the most comprehensive vaccination legislation in the country, including Hepatitis B and Chickenpox. She is responsible for passing the first law in New York State mandating insurance coverage for mammography screenings for women and promoting better working conditions and more health care benefits for working women.

Assistant Speaker Jacobs continues to be an outspoken advocate of quality day care programs and providing quality health care and educational opportunities for women, children, immigrants, and working families. Ms. Jacobs currently serves as a member of the Assembly Committees on Health, Insurance and Ways and Means and Rules.