Assemblywoman Jacobs: Assembly Budget Plan Keeps NYC Senior Centers Open

Rejects attempts to close the door on seniors
March 15, 2011
“Closing senior centers would dramatically impact the lives of so many in the elderly community. We can’t balance the state budget by cutting services to vulnerable citizens during this economic downturn. We must protect those who have made lifelong contributions to our communities and continue providing them the services they need and deserve.

“That’s why I voted in favor of the Assembly budget that rejects the plan to strip $36 million in Title XX discretionary funding from senior centers – potentially forcing 105 centers to close their doors. In order to eliminate the state’s $10 billion deficit, difficult decisions have to be made, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of Brooklyn seniors.

“The governor proposes to redirect federal Title XX funding, often allocated to senior centers, to offset current state and local expenses for child welfare services. Cutting senior centers completely out of Title XX funding would be devastating to the seniors who rely on them.

“Our proposal allows New York City to continue using the discretionary funding to support local senior centers and keep them open. This will ensure that thousands of seniors won’t lose essential services provided by the centers, including nutritious meals, health and wellness activities and socialization.”