Assembly Budget Restores Funding for Summer Youth Employment Program

March 15, 2011
“Restoring $15.5 million for the Summer Youth Employment Program was a top priority because this program helps young adults in urban and rural communities – a group hit hard by the economic downturn – find entry-level employment.

“In 2010, the program helped 35,725 young adults find jobs in 5,800 worksites in New York City.

“We must balance the state budget in a responsible manner. But it would be shortsighted to deny motivated young adults the opportunity to gain entry-level job experience, contribute to the local economy and help provide for themselves or their families.

“One of the worst fears parents have is that their child will not have the same or better economic opportunities that they had. The $15.5 million restoration will help make sure that this fear does not become a reality for so many parents who have seen the job market slammed by the current economic environment. Not only does this program provide a paycheck, it provides invaluable work experience, a foot in the door in competitive industries and a path to career advancement.”