Flatbush Promise Neighborhood

March 1, 2012
What is the Flatbush Promise Neighborhood?

  • A Promise Neighborhood is a community that makes a commitment to supporting every child from the cradle to college and career.
  • It’s a partnership between schools, businesses, health care providers, non-profits, faith communities and government to provide all the services families need to thrive.
  • The U.S. Department of Education is supporting the Flatbush Promise Neighborhood’s 2012 Community Plan, where we tell governments, business and non-profits what we need to help our children grow and succeed.
  • We will study the problems that affect our neighborhood – poor health, high crime, underfunded schools, insufficient affordable housing – as well as our strengths and community assets. CAMBA, one of the largest human services agencies in Brooklyn, is coordinating the community planning process.
  • Using research and community knowledge, we will propose evidence-based solutions to help every child succeed.
  • At the end of 2012, we will present the Community Plan to the U.S. Department of Education and apply for up to $30 million over the next five years to make that plan a reality.

How can I be part of the Flatbush Promise Neighborhood Initiative?

  • Speak: Come to a Town Hall meeting, fill out a survey, join a focus group or send us an email. We want to hear from every person who lives, works or goes to school in the Flatbush Promise Neighborhood about what your family needs.
  • Share: Tell your neighbors, friends, and family about the Promise Neighborhood, and help us every reach every family in the coming months.

How do I learn more?

Phone: (646)358-6566

Email: Promise@camba.org

CAMBA is proudly supported & funded by Assemblywoman Jacobs. For more information about the programs and services CAMBA provides, please contact Assemblywoman Jacobs’ Community Service Office at (718) 434-0446 or via email at jacobsr@assembly.state.ny.us.