Security Cameras Funded in Brooklyn

Funding approved to install security cameras to protect the Brooklyn neighborhoods
June 6, 2012
Almost a year after the tragic murder of an eight-year-old boy that stunned our community, Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs and Assemblymember Dov Hikind have helped secure funding for a project to install security cameras to protect our streets, ensuring that something like this never happens again.

The new $1 million project, named for Leiby Kletzky, was announced this past Sunday. The project will result in the installation of 150 security cameras in several of Brooklyn's largest Jewish neighborhoods Borough Park, Flatbush and Midwood with the equipment being owned and operated by local private community groups.

According to Jacobs, the cameras will also help protect the neighborhoods against possible terror threats that might target the Jewish population. The security cameras will be installed outside synagogues, schools and banks throughout the community.

Leiby Kletzky got lost on his way home from day camp last summer and was then kidnapped, drugged and killed before his body was dismembered in a grisly murder that rocked the normally safe streets in these parts of Brooklyn.