Jane Corwin
Jane Lewis Corwin was elected to the New York State Assembly on November 4, 2008 and represents what is now the 144th Assembly District.

Jane is a proud full-time mother of three, Melanie, Kellie and Will, and, like any mother, she wants to give our children the best opportunity for a successful future in any endeavors they which to pursue. She continues to work tirelessly in representing the voice of her community in Albany so our children have those opportunities and are not forced to relocate due to a struggling economic and business climate.

Since being elected in 2008, Jane has stood firm in her message of fiscal conservatism, accountability for lawmakers, and focusing on growing our upstate economy by supporting small businesses.

Corwin received her undergraduate degree from the State University of New York at Albany and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pace University. She later became the Director of Research at Henry Ansbacher, Inc., and was responsible for valuation, analysis and presentation of client businesses for sale. She later returned to Western New York and took the position of Vice President at the Talking Phone Book.

Building on her private sector experience, Jane has taken a business-like approach to solving the problems of state government. She has taken a large role in promoting the needs of small businesses in Western New York in collaboration with the Assembly Minority Conference to once and for all change the status quo in Albany.

Jane also sits as the Ranking Minority member of the Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee, and in this capacity has held state agencies and corporations accountable for mismanagement and inefficient use of taxpayer dollars. In 2012, she took the New York State Thruway Authority head-on and led the call for an overhaul of the Authority’s fiscal management, while successfully opposing a proposed 45% toll increase. In addition to her work on the Corporations committee, she also represents her constituents on the Environmental Conservation, Mental Health, and Education committees as well.

Recently, she was given the honor of being appointed to Minority Leader Pro Tempore and has been leading the debate on the Assembly floor for the many issues facing our State. This position quite literally allows her to give a voice to every constituent she represents, and she humbly accepted the great responsibility that she has been given.

Jane recognizes her constituents’ needs are not complicated or out of reach. She understands they want less government intrusion in their lives and a realistic approach to state spending, which still provides fundamental and necessary services but reduces bureaucratic waste, and implements legislation to reduce fraud and abuse in a number of entitlement programs. She also understands that lowering taxes on citizens and businesses will put more money back into the economy and allow for economic growth, more quality jobs with upward mobility, and the long-term economic stability that our region has so desperately needed for decades.

Along with her husband, Phil, Jane has made an effort to give back to her community, and in 2004, she became the Founder and President of the Philip M. and Jane Lewis Corwin Foundation, which provides direct funding for educational, medical, and religious charities to benefit children.

The opportunity to serve her community and the people of Erie, Niagara and Orleans counties is one of the greatest honors Jane has ever had, and she continues to work daily to not only make sure that our voices are heard in the state Capitol but that the future of our community is brighter and better than yesterday.