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Jane L. Corwin
Assembly District 144
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A03133Relates to membership of the board of the Niagara frontier authority
A03134Requires a manufactured home park owner or operator to give every manufactured home resident a copy of their resident's bill of rights
A03135Establishes audits of state agency expenditures to recover overpayments and lost discounts
A03136Enacts "Renee's law" to provide greater protection and disclosure to employees of facilities where juvenile delinquents and youthful offenders are placed
A03477Establishes the NYS EMP Critical Infrastructure Protection Commission
A03554Relates to permitting the city of Lockport school district to designate the entire city school district as a single election district
A03731Provides for a power authority trustee from Niagara county
A04405Relates to the termination of a development agency
A04406Creates a tax credit for manufacturing companies that have one established place of business in the state and relocate at least fifty employees from outside the state
A04455Expands the definitions of assault in the 2nd and aggravated harassment in the 2nd to include offenses committed against school personnel
A04866Relates to residency and verification requirements for certain sex offenders
A05336Limits the amount which may be awarded for noneconomic damages
A05951Authorizes a person to pass his or her guns to an immediate family member through his or her estate
A06487Relates to inter-governmental pollution control compacts
A08159Amends and repeals certain provisions of the SAFE act
A08205Authorizes the county of Erie to transfer certain land to the town of Newstead
A08295Requires the state to pay down the gap elimination adjustment in three years
A08723Relates to authorizing the town of Somerset to extend the fire protection district to encompass the village of Barker
A08799Relates to unlawful discriminatory practices
A09177Amends definition of prevailing rate of wage
A09178Relates to the application of the prevailing wage on certain municipal projects

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00333   A00336   A00382   A00391   A00467   A00468   A00469   A00538   A00641   A00682   A00823   A00972   A01242   A01294   A01368   A01542   A01551   A01553   A01554   A01556   A01557   A01558   A01561   A01566   A01568   A01569   A01571   A01587   A01620   A01623   A01627   A01633   A01639   A01663   A01704   A01706   A01735   A01941   A02025   A02026   A02088   A02113   A02240   A02317   A02482   A02550   A02686   A02712   A02741   A02743   A03059   A03145   A03167   A03214   A03480   A03650   A03688   A03725   A03735   A03746   A03788   A03789   A03793   A03981   A04069   A04202   A04260   A04263   A04264   A04265   A04287   A04303   A04312   A04313   A04332   A04333   A04362   A04363   A04434   A04447   A04449   A04486   A04514   A04517   A04542   A04552   A04562   A04564   A04568   A04574   A04618   A04621   A04623   A04626   A04675   A04676   A04692   A04739   A04856   A04883   A04907   A04935   A04955   A05048   A05105   A05106   A05206   A05280   A05281   A05359   A05363   A05392   A05395   A05441   A05459   A05471   A05524   A05533   A05569   A05575   A05718   A05737   A05739   A05767   A05838   A05839   A05841   A05860   A06068   A06082   A06094   A06095   A06146   A06161   A06236   A06237   A06238   A06294   A06306   A06318   A06323   A06325   A06331   A06344   A06372   A06441   A06475   A06525   A06546   A06626   A06638   A06641   A06663   A06767   A06781   A06968   A06970   A06971   A06986   A07173   A07393   A07570   A07701   A07703   A07725   A07776   A07793   A07994   A08103   A08122   A08201   A08279   A08441   A08443   A08565   A08603   A08607   A08656   A08665   A08666   A08784   A08788   A08791   A08792   A08802   A08811   A08824   A08844   A08854   A08864   A08876   A08998   A09066  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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