Assemblywoman Peoples-Stokes Statement on Protecting New Yorkers

The recent horrific and senseless acts of terrorism in Paris, as well as many other examples of heinous actions of terrorists across the globe, are somber reminders of the need for all New Yorkers to remain cognizant of their surroundings at all times and be vigilant partners in the effort to prevent future attacks here. My commitment as Chairwoman of the Assembly Standing Committee on Governmental Operations is to work with Governor Cuomo, the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, and law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of all people living in and visiting this great state. New Yorkers should take comfort in our well trained Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services and all law enforcement, but also remain vigilant in our individual and collective efforts to prevent future acts of terrorism.

I would like to commend Governor Cuomo for his recent “See Something, Send Something” campaign. This mobile application allows users to send a written message or photograph from their smart mobile devices if they see something suspicious or concerning. Incoming messages will be reviewed by the New York State Intelligence Center and referred to law enforcement agencies as appropriate. For more information visit:

Concerned individuals may also call the New York State Terrorism Tip Line at 1-866-SAFENYS or 1-866-723-3697.