Legislation Banning Wildlife Killing Contests Signed by Governor Hochul

Assemblymember Deborah J. Glick, 66th Assembly District Manhattan, announced today that Governor Hocul has signed into law her bill, A.2917/S.4099, sponsored by Senator Kennedy, which would make wildlife killing contests unlawful in New York State. Specifically, this legislation prohibits any person from organizing, sponsoring, conducting, promoting, or participating in any contest, competition, tournament, or derby with the objective of hunting wildlife for prizes or entertainment. Once enacted, New York will join nine other states that have prohibited wildlife killing contests due to their gruesome and wasteful nature, and inability to effectively control wildlife populations.

Assemblymember Glick said, “Most New Yorkers would be shocked to learn that dozens of ghastly and unsporting contests take place each year in New York to kill the largest number of certain species of wildlife. These killing contests encourage senseless brutality, and serve absolutely no scientifically backed ecological or conservation purpose. The wildlife of the state is a natural resource for all New Yorkers to enjoy, and to allow these cruel contests to incentivize wasteful killing for cash is an insult to nature. I applaud Governor Hochul for signing this legislation, ending this barbaric practice while protecting a farmer, rancher, or others right to safeguard livestock and companion animals from nuisance animals through DEC regulations.”