State Senate Kills Speed Camera Program

"In a shocking display of callousness and disregard for human life, the State Senate has failed to extend New York City's speed safety camera program," said Assemblymember Deborah J. Glick. "This life-saving program has been slowing motorists down in school zones since 2013, and due to dysfunction in the State Senate, will soon be terminated. I am beyond outraged that the Senate has chosen to play political games rather than protect our children as they walk to and from school."

"In light of the success that the speed safety camera program has had since its inception in 2013, I have pushed to expand this program for the past three years," continued Glick. "Rather than recognizing the benefit of this program to our neighborhoods' safety and the outpouring of support from elected officials, advocates, faith leaders, and law enforcement officials, Senate Republicans have instead chosen to treat the safety of school children as a bargaining chip in unrelated matters. Not only is this cravenly irresponsible - it is disgraceful.

"The 140 speed safety cameras that keep our school zones safer will be deactivated on July 25th. I urge the Senate to correct their enormous failure of leadership and reconvene in Albany before this date and pass A.7798C/S.6046C."

Amy Cohen, mother of Sammy Cohen Eckstein and founding member Families for Safe Streets said, "Four years ago I lost my son Sammy to a speeding driver. He would have graduated high school this week with his friends. Instead, I have been fighting ever since to make sure no one else has to lose their child. By refusing to even bring the bill with overwhelming bi-partisan support to a vote, Senator Flanagan and Senator Felder chose to ignore Sammy and have done an inexcusable act by condemning a life-saving program to death."

Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives said, "From every corner of our city New Yorkers joined to demand urgently needed expansion of our life-saving speed camera program, forming an unprecedented coalition that includes major hospitals from every borough, unions, schools and youth leaders. In the coming days and months our demand will grow even louder. It is disgraceful for the New York Senate majority to deliberately put more children in grave danger by turning off these cameras. We need our elected officials in Albany to show true leadership and ensure such a tragedy does not become reality."