School Safety Camera Bill Passes Assembly

Assemblymember Deborah J. Glick, 66th Assembly District Manhattan announced today the Assembly passage of legislation A.6449. This legislation will authorize New York City to expand the current speed safety camera demonstration program to allow additional school zones to use speed safety cameras and to increase the distance from a school building that cameras may be placed.In 2013, a five-year demonstration program was enacted to test the effectiveness of speed safety cameras to slow motorists down near a small number of schools in New York City.Since the enactment of the program, the New York City Department of Transportation reports that speeding infractions have dropped by 60% in school zones with a speed safety camera. A.6449 expands this successful program by allowing 610 additional school zones to install speed safety cameras for a total of 750 new speed safety cameras.Additionally, this legislation expands the distance from a school that speed safety cameras may be installed to a quarter mile radial distance around a school and expands the authorized hours of operation to 6am-10pm Monday through Friday. The Senate is expected to pass companion legislation, S.4331 sponsored by Senator Gounardes today as well.

“The simple fact is that speed safety cameras in school zones save lives,” stated Glick. “After the Senate Republican majority’s astonishing failure of leadership led to the expiration of this program last year, I am grateful to partner with Senator Gounardes and the new Senate majority to put pedestrian safety over political posturing. With several years’ worth of data demonstrating how effective speed cameras are in modifying dangerous driving behaviors, it is our responsibility to expand the reach of this life-saving program. This modest increase of a successful program will protect our children, their caregivers, school staff, and community members. I would like to thank the advocates for their incredible dedication and perseverance on behalf of children, and all of my colleagues in Albany and New York City who have stood firm with us over the years in the face of misguided political opposition. I am thrilled that more children will be protected by this proven program as they travel to and from school.