Support my bill to ban cat declawing in New York State!

March 16, 2015

In the beginning of the year, I introduced bill A.595, legislation to ban the declawing of cats in New York State. The practice is painful, inhumane and medically unnecessary under all circumstances and should not be permitted. Your support is essential to the effort to ban declawing. Please take a moment to add your name to a growing list of supporters who love animals and want to help pass this bill into law. By adding your name to this list, you will be signing up to receive periodic action alerts from me with information about how you can help. After you sign, please share this petition with your friends, family, loved ones and anyone you know who loves animals. Together, we will ban cat declawing in New York State! Sincerely,
Linda B. Rosenthal
Member of Assembly 67 AD

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