Colonie Residents Surpass American Red Cross' Blood Drive Goal by 250%

Assemblymember Phil Steck’s 2022 blood drive held yesterday, was a resounding success, with 45 units of blood collected, surpassing the American Red Cross’ goal by 250%. The donations made yesterday will save up to 135 lives. Additionally, one-third of the participants were first time donors.

“I can’t express enough gratitude to all the residents who participated in my blood drive,” Steck said. “From those undergoing cancer treatment or surgery to victims of tragic accidents, people rely on blood transfusions every day for lifesaving care. But in the wake of the pandemic, communities across the state, including here in the Capital Region, are experiencing severe blood shortages that could prevent patients from receiving the help they desperately need. As always, our community heard this call for action and stepped up to the plate to protect their fellow neighbors.”

Steck held his blood drive in partnership with the American Red Cross and Town Supervisor Peter Crummey at Colonie Town Hall. Donations will go to the American Red Cross, which is facing a national blood crisis due to COVID-19. The lack of blood donations over the past two years continues to impact hospitals across New York State, forcing doctors to delay blood transfusions and vital medical treatments.

Blood is needed every day to help patients of all ages, including accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients and those battling cancer and blood disorders. Each blood donation made can save up to three lives. Thanks to the generosity and selflessness of our community, countless individuals will be given a second chance at life, Steck noted.